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The Journey Begins…

The journey actually began a while ago. 😉 Until recently, I was trying to keep my life and work neatly compartmentalized into multiple subcategories: mom/wife/daughter, energy, teacher, crochet, art. You get the idea. The truth is, all of these together are what make up the person who I am. They are what make me uniquely ME.

For this reason, and because I truly believe that I can’t give 100% to each of these separately anymore, I have decided to combine all websites/companies into one that encompasses all. Renewed Healing (Arts) will cover all aspects of me. 🙂 Crochet, energy and meditation, art, teaching and whatever else I may be focusing on in any given moment.

I hope that those of you who came to my Joyfully Renewed Site for spirituality and energy/meditation and those of you who were with me at Joyful Mama Designs over the past 8 years for crochet, art, and sewing, etc. will continue to follow me here.

Thank you all for your support in my journey to simplify my life. 🙂

Much love,



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